What is Google Analytics?

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What is Google Analytics?

Data is the key to grow any Business or Organization because it helps you make informed decision and gives you leverage to be able to stay ahead of the competitors.

Google analytics is a free powerful service provided by Google that analyses the traffic pattern of your website. In simpler words, let’s say the audience on your website is mainly coming from a certain country like Australia. Google helps you understand the region of your audience and the behavior of the traffic that visits your website.

Once you have acquired knowledge about your Audience and what they want, it is easier to improve your website in such a way that users have a better experience when they visit your website. Everyone has a reason for creating a website, it could be to sell something or to teach something. Whatever the reason is, you need to see if your website is achieving your desired goal. Google analytics provides you with the exact information and more that helps you determine if your end goal is being achieved through your audience.

Let’s look at some of the Features of Google Analytics:

Location tracking:

Google Analytics helps you determine where your visitors are coming from. There is a deeper meaning to this sentence, not only does
it tell you the geographical location of your visitor but also more important things like: Which website lead the visitor to the door of your website, which internet browser your visitor is using to view your website.

User Engagement:

Engagement report shows how much average time does the user spend on your website, which pages the audience enjoyed & the pages that audience disliked. You also get an idea about the time you have maximum traffic on your website and how many pages a visitor viewed. Getting this information is very important because if you know the exact time when the audience is going to visit your website, you can hit them up with a new post at the same time. Visitors are bound to check out the post as people love fresh content.

How did they find you?

There are various ways in which you can find a website like some search engine (i.e google, bing etc) and Social media. Maybe some existing visitor recommended the website or they directly arrived at your website – Google Analytics provides you with the exact answer to this question which in turn allows you to focus on how you could increase the traffic on your website.

User Interaction:

You understand what the user did on your website. What links he visited and where he went from your website. Google Analytics provides you many more features along with the features mentioned above and the best part is, it’s absolutely free!

Owning a website and making it run successfully is very difficult. It’s a very competitive space as there are infinite websites. Google Analytics helps you achieve a detailed information about your audience which ultimately helps you get ahead of other website owners by attracting more audience towards your website. Google Analytics points you in the right direction, with some really small changes or improvements on your website you can witness huge impacts. All in all, it can only be advantageous and beneficial to use Google Analytics.

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