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You have now reached a stage where your website’s foundation is ready. After reading through our guide on How to install Plugins for WordPress blog? You are now ready to select a theme.

What is a Theme and why do you need to install one?

A Theme is a template file which modifies User Interface Design/User Experience Design (UI/UX). In simple words, the way site looks. It is used to customise the look and the feel of your website. The pre-installed theme of WordPress is very basic but installing a custom theme can give you a classy, colourful yet elegant look to your website.

Premium WordPress Theme Vendors

WordPress entered global digital landscape with a bang and the world welcomed it with full heart and soul and has shown great favours towards such a versatile and an integrated development platform, where a range of feature-packed websites can be designed and hosted in the most economical and ardent manner.

One can enjoy plenty of benefits out of such a platform such as new themes, security, backups, software updates and can also install strong network bulwark against mounting spam. There are prominent vendors who provide promising templates of a wider range alongside other features, such as additional plugins and network integration on the back of their dominant WordPress skills. Some of the acclaimed vendors are as follows:

1) StudioPress Genesis:

A major vendor providing WordPress hosting which simply equips users to unleash their core creativity on such an integrated framework, as Studio Press Genesis has been. It is estimated that currently more than 500,000 WordPress sites are being engineered through Genesis framework with a range of promising services such as

  • Polished and Optimised code with swift and elegant architecture for best SEO rankings
  • Responsive Design for better Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Top-notch Security to immune your website against hackers
  • Wide range of themes to choose from every week without harming your SEO
  • Timely updates of the code without affecting website’s design
  • Effortlessly manageable features and custom widgets
  • Customizable features with fast website loading time
  • Easy to understand tutorials to make the most out of Genesis
  • Advertising ready
  • And a rising community of avid developers behind it

The supreme performance has won great accolades and distinctions from across the globe.

Get More info and demo here.

2) ThemeForest:

This is yet another most amazing development framework for WordPress. Reliable websites can be designed and there is a growing community of avid designers that contribute to their large collection of lively templates and amazing designs. Besides, this company also provides seasoned freelance web designers on request and offers full guarantee of top-grade web designing services. One can be amazed to witness a wide range of templates and themes which are developed by this vendor after being inspired by community stalwarts and it is said that one can bag a good deal for as low as $2 from a large pool of more than 38000 templates and web themes.

It includes features such as

  • Responsive design with impressive bootstrap framework for all screen sizes
  • Premium plugins on discount
  • Installation of live previews with a single click
  • Thoroughly customizable themes
  • Exclusive sliders
  • Business, Corporate, Creative portfolios to choose from
  • Google fonts to make your website stand out of the crowd
  • Easy to use Theme options panel
  • Trusted eCommerce website templates and plugins to lead your business
  • Easy and short installation guides along with free updates and support.

Get More info and demo here

3) CSS Igniter:

CSS Igniter is one of the widely hailed vendors that designs and sells a range of wonderful themes, especially in regard to the WordPress platform. With as meagre as $68 they provide a range of versatile themes. It is claimed that more than 40,000 WordPress websites have been designed using their themes and with superior plug-ins, feature-packed websites can easily be developed and launched within minutes. They have a wide variety of designs in their themes and for any type of niche or project, one is bound to get palatable option easily.

Each and every theme offered by CSS includes the following features:

  • Numerous theme options such as Google analytics tracking allowance, colours and logo changes, special settings for posts and pages.
  • Speed optimisation for outstanding performance and SEO
  • Fully pixel crisp for all screens
  • 24×7 support and forum
  • Latest updates in a single click
  • Custom theme options with various built-in features to match your business
  • 30-day Return policy for themes
  • Easy translation of static theme texts

Get More info and demo here.

The themes inside these Premium WordPress theme marketplaces will give your website a professional layout.

All you need to do is to Customize and personalize your theme.

This is our first article on WordPress Themes. Hence, we have selected only 3 premium vendors with a large database of themes in them but there are loads of other premium platforms/marketplaces and we will be writing about them soon.

Our next guide will lead you to How to install a WordPress Theme?

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