5 Essential Chrome Extensions

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The amount of time people spend over the internet rises each day and in this world of internet, Google’s Chrome browser attempts to be the most user friendly and widely accepted browser all over the world. What makes Chrome so special is wide variety of extensions that are essentially plug-ins. These extensions lighten up your chrome experience and helps get work done faster. Even though it is hard to select from an extensive range of extensions, we have narrowed down to 5 must have extensions that you should start using immediately.


Why go through the painful process of forget password when Last Pass solves all your password problems in a simple to use extension. Keeping track of all the complex passwords can be a pain, the LastPass extension allows you to generate complicated passwords, save all passwords and even store your banking details – all rolled up into 1 convenient extension. LastPass automatically fills empty password fields, such that you’ll only have to remember one main password that unlocks your vault. This is a free extension, but a premium version can be bought that provides complete sync across all your devices.

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Good things come in small packages, rightfully said for Momentum. This is a new tab page that replaces chrome’s default new tab page. It comes with local time, weather, greetings and your main focus of the day. As a bonus you can add a to-do list which you can mark off as the task is completed. But this is not it; all of this is laid on a beautiful background which changes daily. Every day, you will also find a quote of the day for that little extra inspiration. It is very effective as you’re reminded about your main focus as the day advances, amazing news is, it even works offline. So Momentum gives you a pleasant push of inspiration and serenity every time you open a new page.

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To err is human which means humans make mistakes, sometimes grammatical mistakes. Voila! Grammarly is an easy to use extension that helps keep your spelling and grammar as correct as it needs to be. With a click you can correct your mistakes and Grammarly ensures there is no room for error. The basics are all free to use but if you are a writer or blogger and you want your English to be as sharp as possible, you can subscribe to a premium plan in which you are provided with additional facilities like plagiarism checker and an improved vocabulary tool to find higher quality words as a replacement to your default words.

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Evernote Web Clipper

Many times people are seen writing down important notes and tasks on a notepad, Evernote offers an interactive alternative to that. With no hassle, you can save bookmarks, media files and other web content in this extension. Best part about Evernote is, it is designed to work with all devices and not just browsers. So you can easily view all your saved data from any device and by using this extension you can access your data on pc via chrome. Evernote extension allows you to save any interesting stuff you see while browsing the net with 1 click. For all the forgetful minds, it’s a must have extension and rated excellently by its users.

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AdBlock Plus

It can be really annoying to be spammed with advertisements while you are trying to browse the internet. AdBlock Plus can help you get rid of intrusive ads and let you browse the net in harmony. AdBlock Plus automatically detects unwanted ads and replaces them with blank screens. Apart from blocking ads, it also provides an impressive level of protection from websites tracking you, viruses and malware. Now you can browse your favourite webpages without getting bogged down by ads with the help of AdBlock Plus.

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Hope you will be wasting no time in downloading these extensions and they help you increase your productivity in your daily life.

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